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Thursday, August 17, 2006

More Adventures!

OK - because I don't already enough knitting on my plate, I started a Hallowig Knit-A-Long this morning. Go check it out!!!

Pixie had this great idea yesterday for the two of us to knit a fun wig for Halloween and I thought why not try a Knit-A-Long for this. So, if you feel like knitting something for Halloween, come join us. Maybe I'll make a bunch of different colors for bad hair days... Oh boy, I can already see hubby rolling his eyes... Such a crazy knitter he is married to. Well, better than roaming the streets and getting into trouble, right?

Ah - and while I am speaking of my knitting buddy Pixie... I spent last evening at her house. We had dinner, knitted a bunch and listen to a fun podcast. I have never listened to Lime & Violet before. These girls are funny. They talk about their knitting adventures with a focus on socks and their lives in general. And - hey - they mentioned Pixie's Knit-A-Long for the Stitch Diva Simple Knitted Bodice. It is a great pattern. Maybe I'll have time for it after my Xmas knitting. Do I sound like a broken record to you??? SORRY...

And then I left Pixie's house with this:

Yarn from Pixie

She got the roving at Knitch - and spun yarn for me!!! The first time ever I got handspun yarn from a friend. SHE IS A SWEETIE!!! This is some awesome yarn. 4 oz of Luxe Handpainted Superwash Merino and she tied it with silky wool. YUMMY - I will knit a wonderful hat for myself!!! THANK YOU PIXIE!!!


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