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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Do You Have a Knitting Addiction?

I found this on my pal's blog from the International Tote Exchange II .

1. Do you lose time from work due to knitting?
Well... Does reading about knitting, posting on my knitting blog, translating knitting patterns and chatting on IM and AIM with knitting friends count?

2. Is knitting making your home life unhappy?
NO WAY JOSE – just the opposite. Knitting makes me a very happy camper and if I am a happy camper, hubby is a happy camper. No one wants a bitchy wife, right?

3. Is knitting affecting your reputation?
Yup – when I don’t knit people ask me what’s wrong.

4. Have you gotten into financial difficulties as a result of knitting?
Not yet. I try to be good. I have a big stash and tons of needles and books, etc. If you are clever and buy things over the course of years, it’s OK, right? ;-)

5. Does your knitting make you careless of your family's welfare?
No, I still feed hubby and the dogs. I might like a cleaning service tho’.

6. Has your ambition decreased since knitting?
Actually, I have never knitted as much as I do now. And I am learning new things every day. So, no. ;-) Eventually I will learn how to spin, but not yet – you know why... ;-)

7. Do you crave knitting at a definite time daily?
Of course, that’s why I knit during lunch. And in the evenings.

8. Do you want to knit the next morning?
What do you mean? I want to knit all the time. Well, maybe not all the time. But most of the time...

9. Does knitting cause you to have difficulty in sleeping?
No. I haven’t figured out tho’ how to knit while I am sleeping.

10. Has your efficiency decreased since knitting?
No again. I am planning my time more carefully. How can I get more knitting done, you know...

11. Do you knit to escape from worries or trouble?
YES – knitting keeps me sane and happy.

12. Do you knit alone?
Yes and no. I love my knitting groups and knitting in public. But sometimes I need to concentrate and then I need my quiet room at home – the one with the padded walls...

13. Have you ever had a complete loss of memory as a result of knitting?
Why am I sitting here and typing instead of knitting?

14. Has your physician ever treated you for knitting?
Actually – yes. When I had my little knee accident in April while sorting through my stash, I had to see a doctor and a PT. So there, yes, knitting is a health hazard – beware!

15. Do you knit to build up your self-confidence?
It helps. I like it when people tell me how great my knitting projects look.

16. Have you ever been to a hospital or institution on account of knitting?
Nope – but last weekend hubby told me that he would come visit me at the mental institution. I acted pretty insane while winding yarn when the yarn was very, very, very uncooperative...

So – how about you? Got a knitting addiction – were you nodding while you read this?

Here is what I made for niece on the fly yesterday. My mom told me over the weekend that she is teething real bad and drooling like a dog. So, to ruin all her outfits, good ol’ auntie made her a Petal Bib from One Skein:

Julia's Petal Bib

Yarn: Patons Bumble Bee Baby Cotton
Color: Apple Blossom
Needles: US #3


Blogger Hockey Mom said...

Great questionnaire! Love your answers.

The bib is beeyootiful!

1:38 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous Jill said...

The bib is adorable! I may have to go to the library and check that book out.

1:43 PM GMT-5  
Blogger HAINAngel2000 said...

now these turned out precious!!! I love these patterns! -Mary

10:55 PM GMT-5  

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