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Monday, October 16, 2006

It's Fall Alright :-)

When I woke up Saturday morning, the heat was running - it must have been cold during the night. And when I let the puppers out for some business, I saw - FROST.

Morning frost - Saturday 10/14/06

Yayayayay - get all the sweaters out from hiding. Finally cooler weather arrived and I am LOVIN' it!

So, the plan for Saturday was to get together with Ms. Pixie, drive to Atlanta, go knitting at Knitch, get lunch and get our hair done. We both had an appointment for a cut and coloring - which means a looooooooong appointment. That was the plan. But...

Around 9 am, our hairdresser called to let us know that a shop adjacent to his had a fire during the night and everything was full of smoke and there was no way we could get our hair done that day. I got really pissy for a minute or two. I think that was the first time Pixie noticed that I can lose my temper. SORRY GIRL... I was just so upset that our cool Saturday plans got torched... ;-)

So, after some calming down, we had a super quick change of plans and turned the day into a fabulous hang-out-with-your-best-friend-and-knit-too day. We went to the Mule Camp in Gainesville instead. It was a beautiful day - lovely fall weather. Perfect to show off my new tweed poncho & hat. :-)

Entrelac Poncho & Matching Hat

Yes, finally all finished. I put the fringe on Friday night.

Here are some pictures from the Mule Camp - without any mules... Wonder where the name came from?

Mule Camp in Gainesville Claudia and Pixie at the Mule Camp Pixie With a Hot Dog The Band at Mule Camp

We thought we'd surprise out SNB knitting friends and show up unexpectedly. HAH - they tricked us. Because Mule Camp is a big festival and parking, etc., is crazy, the other knitters changed the venue. Since I am not on the PC much during weekends, I didn't know because I didn't check the group message board. So, the surprise was on us. Nobody of the usual suspects was at our usual spot... But at the end we were five knitters and crocheters and had a great time.

SNB Gainesville - 10/14/06 SNB Gainesville - 10/14/06 SNB Gainesville - 10/14/06

Karen and Allison, Me and Pixie, and Sarala (she designed the crochet poncho she is wearing - way cool!)

SNB Gainesville - 10/14/06 Pixie Eating Roving

Pixie couldn't resist the edible roving - and it's her favorite color.

After all the fun on Saturday, I also got some knitting done. I finished the intarsia front of the Harry Potter sweater and got the sleeves started:

HP Sweater - back and front done

HP sweater sleeves

I am finished with the Haiku jacket - and I actually started the first sleeve today:

Haiku Cardigan

I knitted something with my first spinning attempts - a cute little kerchief. I have exactly 30 inches of yarn left. Good planning! ;-)

Kerchief back Kerchief front

And I turned the teal corriedale into a little scarf. What is a little scarf? A scarflet?

Teal scarf

Alright - enough for a Monday. More sometime this week.


Blogger Jane said...

First prize for creative use of handspun - both look great! And you are really stylin' there in your poncho and hat. Funny thing about that fire, my husband was supposed to go there for a haircut on Saturday, too. Oops.

10:54 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Polly said...

I really like your hat. What pattern is it? /hostessnic

1:49 AM GMT-5  
Blogger Rohanknitter said...

Your hat and poncho are great. Very nice color on you , too.

11:30 PM GMT-5  

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