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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

SAFF - 22 Days and Counting

I AM SO EXCITED! In 22 days I am going to Asheville, NC, for SAFF - three days of looking at fiber and spending money. ;-) This is my first fiber festival ever - and hopefully not the last one. ;-)

SO - Pixie, Shari, Diana and I will jump in the Knitty Van Friday morning. It's the first time that SAFF is open to the public on Friday as well. The drive - according to Mapquest - is 148 miles and 3.5 hours from my house. I don't know if should bring my spinning wheel. I guess I'll see what the other spinners do. We sure have plenty of room in the Previa (aka the Knitty Van).

And since I want to wear something knitted at SAFF, I am working furiously on an Entrelac Poncho. Maybe you remember that I started the Lady Elizabeth Entrelac Stole from Scarf Style a while back. Well, I thought I could finish in time for SAFF. But a couple of weeks ago I realized that I am out of my mind (nothing new there...) and realized I am not going to make it. Too much other stuff going on... But I already had a piece that was 34 by 18 inches. After some heavy thinking, I realized that if I make two of these, I can sew them together for a poncho, HAH - saved my day! ;-) Last weekend I started the second rectangle (this picture is from Sunday night).

Entrelac Poncho - Started Part 2

And with all the bus rides, I am almost halfway done with the second piece. I paid attention the other day and I can get through half of one row of rectangles on one ride. Ergo - I am adding a row of rectangles a day and I need 13 in total. Maybe I can finish it this weekend and block the pieces. I also want to add a fringe. I figure a poncho is much more practical anyway for SAFF than a big stole that probably slides off my shoulders half the time. I think I have enough yarn left to maybe make a matching beanie. We'll see. I always have big plans and then I run out of time.

Not so - YET... - with this year's Christmas gift list. I am doing surprisingly well. Last weekend I finished the Drop Stitch Shawl - the pattern is super easy and self-fringing. Very nice - here is a picture of the self-fringing part - it only looks scary. You unravel 5 stitches from the border and makes an overknot in each loop - and voila there is your fringe. I was very pleased, it took me only 30 minutes to get the fringe done.

Self-fringing Edge on the Drop Stitch Shawl

Drop Stitch Shawl

Don't look at my hair - I know I need a cut - I have an appointment coming up.

I also worked some on the fair isle hat. This is the third try (sigh...) and so far I like it. Finally it's the right size and the right look. I will make the top slope towards two corners. Hard to describe - I'll try to find a picture. It's a more old fashioned look. Since the recipient is an excellent skier, I think he will like this hat.

Fair isle Hat - Third Try - Looking Good ;-)

Oh, and the intarsia front for the Harry Potter sweater is done. I just have to knit a few more rows to get to the neck line - YAY.

HP Sweater Front - Finished the Intarsia part - YAY!

Well - looks great, doesn't it? Only one problem... I will not have enough red for the sleeves. So, with hubby's great taste and visual talents, we figured that the sleeves would look good if I stripe them. Kinda similar to the Harry Potter scarf I knitted recently.

I am also contemplating changing a few patterns for the remaining Christmas gifts. More later when I am done thinking. Can you smell the smoke? - Have a good week!


Blogger Hockey Mom said...

I think your hair is just lovely. Got some happening things going on there missy!

LOL - my word verification is "gurdbus!"

4:09 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous Debbie said...

Your shawl looks great. Is that knitpicks yarn? It is exactly like some I got from them and I've been wondering how it would knit up.

Come back to the Intown Knitters on Thursday sometime! It was fun finally meeting you.

4:27 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Rohanknitter said...

Everything looks great!
Can you tell me what kind of yarn you used for your gnome?

6:00 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous Ann said...

Ohh you need the crayon red yarn for the griffondorf? I still have it...will it help?

10:21 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Rohanknitter said...

Thanks for answering my question! So, you are using a different gauge yarn than the pattern, and I assume different size needles? (I've not been knitting long so I'm kind of a chicken about substituting yarns. )
The Mason Dixon cloth is just regular old Sugar n Cream from Michael's. I've never heard of Aloo but I think I'll avoid it if it can rip into your finger!
I knit Continental too as I was taught by a friend who was taught by her German mother. I've assumed most Germans knit Continental style, is that true? Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a great day!

7:03 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Pennie said...

Beautiful looking shawl :)

5:59 PM GMT-5  

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